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cra.tw -- a link shortener for crates.io and rubygems

i refer to npm packages a lot, and i've always found npm.im, a url shortener so that you can type npm.im/mypackage instead of npmjs.com/package/hello, very useful. the same thing goes for crates.io and rubygems.com, which is unwieldy to type, and i can never remember whether it's crates.io/crate or crates.io/crates (it's the latter)

cra.tw is very simple, the following will redirect:

cra.tw/serde ---> crates.io/crates/serde
cra.tw/g/rails ---> rubygems.com/gems/rails

i hope it's useful to some other people as well!!

if you have any suggestions or bug reports, the source repo is on gitlab.

running cra.tw 0.1.1